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The LCEDC is an investor-driven organization. Our investors support our economic development efforts annually and join together to enhance the business community here in Lawrence County. By becoming an investor, the LCEDC offers you an opportunity to network in the business community and to be recognized as a stakeholder in our mission to create jobs and diversify the tax base while improving the quality of life for the residents of Lawrence County.

Formed in 1955, the LCEDC is a private, not-for-profit, 501c3 Corporation, with a board of directors made up of accomplished business leaders, and a staff with unique and specific expertise.

The support of our investors is vital to remain competitive in the market of retaining and creating jobs.  By supporting the LCEDC you are investing in Lawrence County’s economy and supporting the LCEDC mission to grow and diversify the County’s economy.   Here at the LCEDC, our mission is to assist in creating new jobs and new economic opportunities for the business owners and residents of Lawrence County.  We partner with community leaders, businesses, area educational and technical training institutes, and local, state and federal government agencies to create economic development opportunities.    Our goal is to create a strong, sustainable economy utilizing Lawrence County’s resources — intellectual and natural — to help our businesses compete in today’s marketplace.