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How LCEDC Benefits You

Together We Can Make Smart Growth Happen!

What’s an Investor?

Any business that invests at least $100 per year in the LCEDC is a qualified member (investor).  Your contribution helps build the Lawrence County business community – an effort that requires a coordinated, community-wide effort with many partners involved, including your company or organization.

What’s In It for You?

From the 50,000-foot level, your investment in the LCEDC benefits everyone – your family, your neighbors and your business. By committing to an investment in the LCEDC and our community, you help facilitate this success. Every time we help improve the business infrastructure, provide incentives that keep an existing business in Lawrence County or entice a new one to the community, it means more families, more jobs and more spending, and it all makes for a stronger economy.

Looking more closely, there are also immediate and tangible benefits. When your company or organization invests in the LCEDC and our priorities, you will receive:

Other benefits are also available depending on your Investor Level including: