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Cost of Living in Lawrence County, PA

You’re in the Right Place

If you are looking for a location to start, relocate or expand a business, you’re in the right place. Lawrence County is one of the most affordable markets in the state and in the U.S.   Compared to the rest of the country, Lawrence County's cost of living is 12% lower than the U.S. average according to the  ACCRA Cost of Living Index.  This tool provides a useful and reasonably accurate measure of living cost based on items carefully chosen to reflect the different categories of consumer expenditures. Weights assigned to relative costs are based on government survey data on expenditure patterns for professional and executive households. All items are priced in each place at a specified time and according to standardized specifications.

Interpreting the index: ACCRA Cost of Living Index measures relative price levels for consumer goods and services in participating areas. The average for all participating places, both metropolitan and non-metropolitan, equals 100, and each participant’s index is read as a percentage of the average for all places.

Cost of Living Lawrence, PA United States

The total of all the cost of living categories weighted subjectively as follows: housing (30%), food and groceries (15%), transportation (10%), utilities (6%), health care (7%), and miscellaneous expenses such as clothing, services, and entertainment.


88 100

The average cost of food in Grocery stores in an area.


101.3 100

The average cost of health care calculated using the standard daily rate for a hospital room, and the costs of a doctor's office visit and a dental checkup.


99 100

The average cost of an area's housing, which includes mortgage payments, apartment rents, and property tax.


58 100

The average cost of heating or cooling a typical residence for the area, including electricity and natural gas.


108 100

The average cost of gasoline, car insurance and maintenance expenses, and mass transit fare for the area. The cost of the vehicle and any vehicle registration and license taxes are not included.


102 100

The cost index of those goods and services not included in the other cost of living categories, including clothing, restaurants, repairs, entertainment, and other services.


104 100

Life in Lawrence County, PA