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Lawrence County Economic Development Corporation
Named #1 Small Economic Development Agency in Pennsylvania

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Lawrence County: At the Center of Your Business.

If you are looking for an initial business location or the next community in which to expand, let us offer Lawrence County, PA.

Lawrence County is at the center of your business. We are the hub, your central place from which all other activity spurs, and we love that spot. We are here for our current businesses and to welcome new owners into our area. We can help you identify and attract key strategic partners to assist you in your new venture and help you with all of your questions - everything from grants and financing to site selection and business plans.

Lawrence County, located in Western Pennsylvania, is a diverse and exciting community made up of 27 unique municipalities. Within these communities you can find a variety of lifestyles. For those individuals seeking adventure-packed activities like hiking and fishing, to those that boast a strong cultural influence from the arts and playhouse productions, to those that bring a simple lifestyle into the mix with their beautiful Amish countryside…Lawrence County is for you.

Contact us today.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your story. If you are a newcomer to the area, we know you will love the “LC Lifestyle” and if you have been here for years, thank you for keeping your talents right here in the community. We look forward to supporting your vision for many years to come.

Public Financing Interest Rates



Type Rate Effective To:
PIDA – real estate 4.00% fixed for life of loan 6/30/2017
PIDA - real estate 4.00%fixed for 10 years 6/30/2017
PIDA – real estate 3.00% fixed for 7 years 6/30/2017
PIDA – machinery & equipment 4.00% fixed for life of loan 6/30/2017
PIDA – working cap / LOC 4.00% fixed for 12 mo.pd 6/30/2017
PIDA – pollution / energy loans 2.00% fixed for life of loan 6/30/2017
LCEDC RLF Loan 4.00% fixed for life of loan 6/30/2017
LCEDC EZ RLF Loan 4.00% fixed for life of loan 6/30/2017
LCEDC USDA RLF Loan 4.00% fixed for life of loan 6/30/2017
Northwest Commission RLF 4.0% fixed for life of loan Effective until further notice